Select Fields

Select Fields tool icon The Select Fields tool selects a subset of a layer's fields to retain. This tool is useful if incoming data has extraneous fields that are not needed.


  • As a logistics manager, in analysis of point-based observational data you used the Calculate Motion Statistics tool to calculate a variety of attributes about features in motion. You then used the Select Fields tool to retain only the calculated attributes relevant to your needs.

Usage notes

  • Geometry fields are always retained and can not be specified in the fields list.
  • Optionally, and instead of using the Select Fields tool, fields can be removed when first configuring a source or feed. For more information, see Configure input data.


ParameterDescriptionData Type

Input Layer

The point, line, or polygon features to select a subset of the fields to retain.

Features or tabular data

Fields to Retain

Selects one or more fields to be retained for the next step in the analytic model.


Considerations and limitations

All fields can be removed, however, the output must at minimum have either one field or geometry.