Filter by Expression

Filter by Expression tool icon The Filter by Expression tool filters features by an attribute expression using the Arcade expression language. Each feature is evaluated by the expression specified. Features for which the specified expression evaluates as true are retained.


  • A real-time analytic uses the Filter by Expression tool to retain only the incoming records from a feed where: $feature.horizontal_accuracy < 15.
  • A big data analytic uses the Filter by Expression tool to retain only features where: $feature.description == 'Excellent Condition'.

Usage notes

  • Filter data by defining Arcade expressions. To learn more about Arcade expressions, see Use Arcade expressions.


ParameterDescriptionData Type

Input Layer

The layer in which features will be filtered.



An attribute expression that will be evaluated to filter the incoming data. The expression is configured in the Arcade expression builder, accessed by clicking Configure an Arcade Expression.

Each record is evaluated and records that evaluate to true are retained and those which evaluate to false are discarded.

String (Arcade expression)

Output layer

The Filter by Expression tool does not alter incoming features, so the output layer will contain the same fields and attribute values as the incoming features.