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Share your work


Sharing is available in all Insights deployments. The beta release of Insights Local supports sharing pages, themes, and models. Themes and models can be shared from Insights Local to Insights Online and Insights Enterprise, whereas pages can only be shared to Insights Online. You must be signed in to an ArcGIS organization to share items in Insights Local.

When you explore your data in Insights and perform processes like adding new datasets and creating workbooks, items are created that are accessible only to you. Depending on your sharing privileges, you can share these items with others. Some items are created automatically, whereas other items, like Insights model and page items, can only be created through sharing.

The following table provides a description of Insights item types that you can create and share:

Item typeDescription


A workbook collects or associates all data and analytical activity for a project in a single place, capturing and maintaining relationships such as data locations, and storing result layers, models, pages, and cards.

Workbook items can only be opened in Insights.

For more information, see Share a workbook.


A model records your analysis steps on a workbook page, including adding and joining datasets, spatial analytics (such as spatial filtering), data analytics (such as attribute aggregation), and styling. You can edit, use, and share a model to automate common analytical tasks.

Model items can only be opened in Insights.

For more information, see Share a model.

Relational Database Connection

A relational database connection allows you to view, query, and analyze the contents of databases in Insights.

Relational database connection items can only be used in Insights.

For more information, see Share a database connection.


Relational database connections are available in Insights Enterprise and Insights Local, but can only be shared in Insights Enterprise.

Feature Layer

Sharing your data as a feature layer allows others to use your value-added data in their own analysis process. For example, you may want to share data you added from Excel, or results from analytical operations, such as spatial aggregation.

Feature layers created from data in Insights can be used in other applications, such as Map Viewer and ArcGIS Pro.

For more information, see Share your data.


Sharing your page allows others to interact with the cards on your page in a separate read-only Insights viewer.

Page items can be viewed in the Insights Page Viewer or embedded in web sites and Esri Story Maps.

For more information, see Share a page.


Sharing a theme allows you to save and reapply custom settings from your page. Settings that can be saved include background color, text, images, and other media, and card placement.

Theme items can only be used in Insights.

For more information, see Share a theme.

Share items from the home page

All Insights items can be shared, unshared, or have the shared status changed from the home page.


Some Insights content must be shared from within the workbook before it will be available as an item on the home page. Model, page, and theme items, as well as some feature layer items, are created through sharing.

Use the following steps to share an item:

  1. If a workbook is open in Insights, save your work and click the Home button Home to return to the home page. If you are signing in to Insights you will be brought to the home page automatically.
  2. Click on the tab for the item type you want to share.
  3. Find the item you want to share. Use the search bar, filter button Filter, View items button View items, and Sort button Sort, if necessary.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Hover over an item. A list of icons appears for the item.
    • Click multiple items to select them. A list of icons appears below the title of the page.
  5. Click the Share button Share.

    The Share with window opens.

  6. Choose who you want to share the item with. The options are the members of your organization, groups within the organization, or everyone. You can also unshare the item by unselecting the options.
  7. Click Share.