Prerequisites for Indoors

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

ArcGIS Indoors for iOS can display indoor data from mobile map packages that can be downloaded by connecting to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal or ArcGIS Online organization.

To use the app with indoor maps, you must do the following:

  1. Curate data in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Create a mobile map package in ArcGIS Pro.
  3. Share the mobile map package from ArcGIS Pro to your ArcGIS organization.

Curate data in ArcGIS Pro

The following steps are an overview of the data creation workflow and can be completed using geoprocessing tools:

  1. Create the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model workspace.
  2. Load floor plans and points of interest (POIs).
  3. Create occupant data and events data as needed.

    When creating occupant data, don't use reserved SQLite keywords (such as FIRST or LAST) as field names. Using reserved keywords causes errors when creating and sharing mobile map packages.

  4. Create indoor categories and launch actions.
  5. Create the network dataset.
  6. Optionally, create additional travel modes.

    The Indoors mobile apps display a unique icon if the travel modes in the network match the following names:

    • Walk, Walking, Pedestrian
    • Wheelchair, Accessible
    • Emergency
    • Evacuation
    • Bicycle, Bike, Biking, Cycling
    • Driving, Automobile, Car
    • Bus
    • Shuttle
    • Train
    • Tram
    • Stroller, Buggy, Pram

    Travel mode icons appear in the app in the order in which they are created in the network. The default mode appears first and is automatically selected.

Prepare a mobile map in ArcGIS Pro

You must prepare a map in ArcGIS Pro that will be packaged and shared for use in the Indoors mobile maps. The data included in the Indoors mobile map can be used for exploring, identifying, and searching for various points of interest and navigating indoors.

Create and share a mobile map package

A mobile map package consolidates maps into a single file (.mmpk) that can be shared to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal or ArcGIS Online organization. The mobile map prepared for the Indoors mobile apps in ArcGIS Pro must be packaged and shared to the Enterprise portal or ArcGIS Online organization so that it is available for download in the mobile app.

  • The mobile map package must have an ArcGIS Indoors tag to be recognized by the app.
  • Set the share setting to Everyone if you want the map to be available in the Visitor mode of the app.

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