Open Indoors

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

Download the ArcGIS Indoors for Android app and verify your deployment.

Download the app

Indoors is available for download from the Google Play Store.


If your organization uses mobile device management (MDM) software for enterprise mobility, the app can be downloaded from the managed app store.

App permissions

Indoors asks for the following permissions as needed:

  • Calendar—Show meeting locations on indoor map.
  • Location—Display indoor and outdoor position on the map.
  • Storage—Download and store mobile map packages.

Indoors for Android app access permissions

Android 10 and later include options for location and activity permissions that are recommended:

  • Location—The Allow option in older versions of Android has been replaced by Allow only while using the app and Allow all the time. The Allow all the time option is recommended.

    In Android 11, the Allow all the time option is not listed and must be set exclusively in the Settings app of the device.

  • Physical Activity—It's recommended that you set to Allow to optimize battery consumption when determining location, when stationary or in motion.


If your facility has an WiFi or Bluetooth based IPS installed, Indoors automatically uses WiFi and Bluetooth sensors of the device to display indoor location.

QR codes

Quick response (QR) codes are a type of bar code that contain information. Indoors supports scanning QR codes created for the URL to your organization as an alternative to entering them manually when signing in.


In addition to the app permissions mentioned in the previous section, you are prompted for permission to access the device camera to enable the app to scan QR codes.

Sign in to the app

You must sign in to your ArcGIS organization when launching the Indoors mobile app to download mobile maps that are shared with you.

ArcGIS Enterprise

Depending on how your portal was configured, you can sign in to the mobile app using one of the following types of authentication:

  • Built in authentication—Sign in using the credentials provided by a portal administrator.
  • SAML, IWA, or LDAP—Sign in using the credentials provided by your organization.
  • PKI—Sign in using the certificate provided by your organization. The certificate must be downloaded and installed on the device before signing in.

ArcGIS Online

Depending on how your organization was configured, you can sign in to the mobile app using one of the following types of authentication:

  • ArcGIS Online account—Sign in using your ArcGIS Online credentials.
  • SAML—Sign in using the credentials provided by your organization.

Visitor mode

You can use the Indoors mobile app without signing in if Visitor mode is enabled and you have maps with the share setting set to Everyone. Use the Continue as a Visitor button to use the app without signing in.

For Enterprise, you must configure anonymous access in your ArcGIS organization to enable Visitor mode.

Download an indoor map

Maps that are shared with you and include an ArcGIS Indoors tag are available for download in the Indoors mobile app.

If a map that is downloaded to your device is updated, an Update button appears next to the map in the list. You can delete downloaded maps from your device if they are no longer needed.

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