Configure tracking frequency and behavior

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

ArcGIS Indoors has preconfigured default values for how frequently tracking points are uploaded when the device is stationary or in motion. You can change these values by customizing the configuration.

Default values

The following are the default values for tracking frequency and behavior:

Frequency and behaviorDefault value

Uploading frequency when online

10 seconds

Storing frequency until network connectivity improves or has been restored

10 seconds

Maximum points to store until network connectivity improves or has been restored

1000 points

Storing or uploading behavior when device is stationary


Custom configuration

To change the default settings for the frequency of uploading tracking points when a device is stationary or in motion, add the custom values in the ArcGIS Indoors Configuration table and include it the mobile map package.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open the project that includes the map you prepared for use in the Indoors mobile apps.
  3. In the Contents pane, right-click the Indoors Configuration table and click Open.

    The Indoors Configuration table view appears.

  4. Double-click the Config Value field for the following keys and set their values.
    • LOCATION_TRANSMISSION_FREQUENCY—Specifies the frequency (in seconds) to share device location information.
    • LOCATION_STORE_AND_FORWARD_FREQUENCY—Specifies the frequency (in seconds) to store device location events until network connectivity improves or has been restored.
    • LOCATION_TRANSMIT_IF_STATIONARY—Specifies whether location information is reported when a device has not moved more than 3 meters.
    • LOCATION_STORE_AND_FORWARD_MAX_POINTS—Specifies the maximum number of device location events to store until network connectivity improves or has been restored.

    Choose the frequency to share location information based on the number of users and type of data store. Setting a frequency less than 10 seconds can cause high battery usage and network congestion.

Once you have customized the settings for device tracking frequency in the Indoors Configuration table, you can include it in a mobile map package when you create and share it to your ArcGIS organization.

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