Configure Indoors for mobile device management

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a software suite that allows administrators to control, secure, and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. MDM is a core component of enterprise mobility management (EMM). Examples are AirWatch, Intune, and MobileIron.

MDM is different from mobile app management (MAM).

If your organization has a bring your own device (BYOD) program and applies conditional access policies and app protection policies for MAM through Microsoft Intune, refer to Configure Indoors for mobile app management.

Managed app configuration

ArcGIS Indoors for Android supports managed app configuration through which you can push the URL of your ArcGIS Enterprise portal or ArcGIS Online organization to the app. Additionally, Indoors also supports configuring several aspects of the user interface displayed throughout the app, such as images and colors for branding.


All configuration keys are case sensitive; they should be entered as-is in the app configuration.

Portal or organization URL

Indoors supports a key named portalURL as a text string. If Indoors is installed on the mobile device through a company-managed store, it automatically prepopulates the configured URL in the app and bypasses the screen where the URL is typically entered. The app automatically presents the OAuth screen from your ArcGIS organization when the app is launched.


The portalURL key supports only one URL.

KeySample valueType


Enterprisehttps://<my Indoors portal>/portal

ArcGIS Onlinehttps://<my Indoors org>



Specifies whether a web view is used for sign-in and authentication in Indoors mobile.


  • The default is false.
  • If useInAppAuth is false, the sign-in page is opened using an out-of-process flow.
  • If useInAppAuth is true, the sign-in page uses an in-app web view.

If a VPN is required to access your internal resources, and your organization restricts VPN access to browsers on managed devices, setting useInAppAuth to true may be required to enable successful sign-in to your portals.


The image that appears in the background of the sign-in screen when the app is launched can be customized to showcase your brand or facility along with an accompanying image displayed in the app in the slide-out menu. The brand logo and any custom text must be included as part of the image. The foreground and background colors in the various panels and buttons in the app can be configured pursuant to the branding specifications used in your organization. Using the following mobile device management app configuration keys:

KeySample valueType


This must be portrait orientation with a minimum size of 1080x1920. If deploying on smartphones and tablets, use a higher resolution, and a 1:1 aspect ratio; the recommended size is 2048x2048.



This must be landscape orientation with a minimum size of 1280x720.




This is the hexadecimal color code for the background of the panels and action buttons. The default color is blue.




This is the hexadecimal color code for the foreground color for text or symbols that appear on top of the primary color. The default color is white.


  • The primaryColor value must be darker than the secondaryColor value to make the text or symbol visible on lighter backgrounds. If the secondary color is darker than the primary color, the app automatically uses the darker color in places where text or symbols appear on a white background in the app.
  • The image file located at the URL specified in splashImageURL and menuImageURL is accessible to the mobile device for download and display when the app is launched. Only JPG and PNG file types are supported.
  • All customization reverts to the Indoors default colors if any of the provided hexadecimal color codes are invalid or if a URL provided for an image is unreachable.

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