Get started with Indoors Mobile

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

ArcGIS Indoors for Android is built in its native platform to take full advantage of the features of the operating system. With Indoors, you can view indoor maps and interact with them in various ways, including exploring, searching, saving, and sharing points of interest, reporting incidents related to indoor assets, getting landmark-based directions, scheduling meetings, and booking activity-based work areas known as office hotels.

With the availability of an indoor positioning system (IPS), Indoors allows you to explore indoor spaces where you can view your real-time location inside buildings. IPS also makes the app floor-aware so that the map switches to show the current floor you are on. You can also look for places and things that are nearby.

To use Indoors, you need ArcGIS Pro to prepare your data, and an ArcGIS Enterprise portal or an ArcGIS Online organization to host shared data. Follow these steps to configure Indoors:

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