Share widget

The Share widget allows end users to share the app by posting it to a social media account, sending an email with a link, or embedding it in a website or blog. It also provides a URL and QR code of the app. It shares the entire app. You can share links that include URL parameters, meaning the links can open the app to certain pages, have certain features selected, and more. To add a Share widget, drag it anywhere on a page and use either pop-up or inline style to fit your app design.


Use this widget to support app design requirements such as the following:

  • You want users to share your app. Add a Share widget with an icon that encourages users to share.
  • You have a blog-style site and want to align media share buttons across your content.

Usage notes

When you include the Share widget in an app, the following two check boxes appear under the app link:

  • Short link—Generate a short URL that links to the experience.
  • Include URL parameters—Include any active URL parameters in the URL to be copied. Uncheck the box to share the experience's original URL without parameters.

You can specify which URL parameters are included in the shareable URL under Manage URL status.

It's recommended that you do not add a Share widget to a Widget Controller because the Share widget is already a wrapped widget that can perform options in a pop-up.


Click the Pin button on the Share widget's toolbar to keep the widget visible on scrolling pages.


If you want your Experience Builder app to appear in Google Search results, it must be indexed by Google. You can help Google find and index your app by linking to it on a website such as Twitter or Facebook.


The Share widget includes settings for two sharing styles: pop-up and inline.

Pop-up—Display the sharing URL and other sharing options in a pop-up.

  • Icon—Customize the share icon by changing the icon symbol, color, and size.
  • Share options—Turn on the share options, such as QR code and Email, to include them in the widget. Drag options to reorder them.
  • Tooltip—Provide custom hover text to describe to end users what the share button does.

Inline—Display the sharing options as inline tiles.

  • Share options—Turn on the share options, such as QR code and Email, to include them in the widget. Drag options to reorder them.
  • Direction—Align the share options horizontally or vertically to fit your app design.
  • Color—Change the default color scheme of the share option buttons.
  • Size—Choose a size for the share options: small, medium, or large.
  • Show media label—Show the share option labels with their icons.
  • Font—Change the font color of the media labels.