Share widget

The Share widget allows end users to share the app by posting it to a social media account, sending an email with a link, or embedding it in a website or blog. It also provides a URL and QR code of the app. It shares the entire app. It doesn't support sharing specific content in the app. To add a Share widget, drag it anywhere on a page and use either pop-up or inline style to fit your app design.


Use this widget to support app design requirements such as the following:

  • You want end users to share your app with others. Add a Share widget with an icon that encourages them to share.
  • You have a blog style site and want to align media share buttons across your content.

Usage notes

It's recommended that you not add a Share widget to a Widget Controller because the Share widget is already a wrapped widget that can perform options in a pop-up.


Click the Pin button on the Share widget's toolbar to keep the widget visible on scrolling pages.


The Share widget includes settings for two sharing styles: pop-up and inline.

Pop-up—Display the sharing URL and other sharing options in a pop-up.

  • Icon—Customize the share icon by changing the icon symbol, color, and size.
  • Share options—Turn on the share options to include in the widget, such as embed or email.
  • Tooltip—Provide custom hover text to describe to end users what the share button does.

Inline—Display the sharing options as inline tiles.

  • Share options—Turn on the share options to include in the widget, such as QR code and email.
  • Direction—Align the share options horizontally or vertically to fit your app design.
  • Color—Change the default color scheme of the share option buttons.
  • Size—Choose a size for the share options: small, medium, or large.
  • Hide media label—Hide the share option labels so only their icons appear.