Floor Filter widget

The Floor Filter widget allows users to explore floor-aware maps and scenes. Floor-aware maps and scenes contain indoor GIS data representing floor plan features, including levels, facilities, and sites. When you include this widget in an app, the widget appears as an on-screen control that allows users to visualize and interact with floor plan data by navigating to a site, a facility in a site, and a level in a facility.


Use this widget to support app design requirements such as the following:

  • Provide clients with an interactive floor plan before a construction project.
  • Visualize space use in a large office building to determine where changes to office assignments would improve team proximity and conserve resources.
  • Track wheelchairs, mobile defibrillators, and other critical assets in a medical facility and help staff identify the nearest available resources.

Usage notes

This widget requires connection to a Map widget. To use the floor filter, the Map widget must be connected to a floor-aware map.

When you include this widget in an app, a toolbar provides users with the following tools for filtering:

  • Browse—Use the browse panel to zoom to and view sites, facilities within sites, and floors within facilities. The browse panel includes a search function, sites list, and facilities list.
  • Floor list—View a list of all the floors in the selected facility. If a facility has multiple floors, you can choose a floor from the list to view it on the map.
  • Zoom to—Zoom to the selected facility.
  • Expand or Collapse—Expand or collapse the widget's toolbar.


The Floor Filter widget includes the following settings:

  • Select a floor aware map—Select a Map widget connected to a floor-aware map.
  • Expand on startup—Choose whether the widget's toolbar is in the expanded state when the app opens.
  • Arrangement style—Select an arrangement for the widget's runtime tools. The arrangement style affects the order of the tools, and the direction in which the browse panel appears or slides. For example, with the Bottom up, slide right arrangement selected, the Browse button is located at the bottom of the widget, and when the user clicks Browse, the facilities list and search bar appear to the right of the widget.

It is recommended that you place the Floor Filter widget over the corner of the connected Map widget and choose the arrangement style based on where the widget is placed. For example, when placing the widget over the upper right corner of the map, choose Top down, slide left. When placing the widget in the bottom left, choose Bottom up, slide right. This ensures that the widget expands and slides out and away from the corner and that the toolbar stays fixed in its position.