Tools panel

The Tools Panel allows you to view and use tools that work directly with the imagery service in your imagery exploitation canvas. The tools include features that enhance the display of your imagery, exploit your imagery through markup and measurements, and export your current view for use in presentations.

The following are the tools in the tools panel:

  • Display tools—Apply common display settings to your imagery and change the order of your imagery to gain the most value out of each pixel.
    • Image Display
    • Image Order
    • Enhancements
  • Exploitation tools—Highlight areas of interest through markup, labeling, and measurements.
    • Mark Up
    • Measurement
  • Export tools—Export your current view into various file formats to use in briefings and presentations.
    • Create Presentation
  • Project tools—View instructions on what needs to be accomplished in an imagery project and use specific tools to help streamline your image-based tasks.
    • Project Instructions
    • Create Observations
    • Create Many Observations

Project tools are only available when you open an imagery project in the imagery exploitation canvas. The Create Observations and Create Many Observations tools are only available when you open an observation imagery project.