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What is ArcGIS Excalibur?

ArcGIS Excalibur is a web-based, imagery application that modernizes and enhances image-based workflows through intuitive experiences. These experiences enable you to search for, discover, and work with imagery in fully integrated workflows for image analytics and exploitation.

For more information, see What is ArcGIS Excalibur.

What is required before installing ArcGIS Excalibur?

Prior to installing ArcGIS Excalibur, you need an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 or later base deployment with ArcGIS Image Server authorized with ArcGIS Server. You can install the base deployment on one or more machines, any of which can be physical, virtual, or cloud machines.

For more information on hardware and software requirements, see ArcGIS Excalibur 1.0 system requirements.

How do I install and authorize ArcGIS Excalibur?

Download ArcGIS Excalibur from My Esri by logging in with your Esri account that is associated with your customer number. ArcGIS Excalibur should be installed on the machine where Portal for ArcGIS is installed.

Once ArcGIS Excalibur is installed, an authorization file must be obtained and authorized.

For more information on installing and authorizing, see Install and authorize ArcGIS Excalibur.

How is ArcGIS Excalibur licensed?

ArcGIS Excalibur is a premium application and requires a separate portal license file. You must have a Creator or GIS Professional user type with the appropriate roles before an ArcGIS Excalibur license can be assigned to you.

For more information, see System requirements or Assign members an ArcGIS Excalibur license.

Is ArcGIS Excalibur available in ArcGIS Online?

No. ArcGIS Excalibur 1.0 is not available in ArcGIS Online and is only available in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 and later.

Can I customize ArcGIS Excalibur using an API?

No. ArcGIS Excalibur 1.0 does not support customization using an API.

Is ArcGIS Excalibur designed for a specific persona?

No. Anyone who wants to discover, analyze, report, and efficiently disseminate image derived information to consumers can use ArcGIS Excalibur. Users include all-source analysts, imagery analysts, and imagery and geospatial managers in industries such as national security, emergency response, local and federal government, humanitarian relief, and public works.

Use the application

Where can I obtain an imagery web service URL?

You can obtain an imagery web service URL to through any of the following:

  • Content tab of your Enterprise portal—You can search My Content or My Organization's Content for the layer type imagery layer.
  • ArcGIS REST Services directory (for example, https://<>/<webadaptor>/rest/services)—Any service defined as an ArcGIS Image Server Service denoted by (ImageServer) is a supported service.
  • Your organization's GIS administrator.

For more information on using imagery web service URLs, see Explore an imagery web service.

Why are there no images returning when I search in the imagery catalog?

Ensure that your map extent or Area of Interest filter is set to a location where imagery exists for the selected image service layer in the Catalog Imagery Layer Switcher located at the bottom left corner of the catalog search map.

If no layers are available in the layer switcher list, a message appears stating such. To populate the Catalog Imagery Layer Switcher list, click My Available Imagery in the Results panel to enable imagery service layers of interest for use in the imagery catalog search.

Why doesn’t my image support rendering in image focus view?

Image focus view is available on images that have sensor transformation information, such as rational polynomial coefficients (RPC) or frame cameras. Not all image services contain imagery with this sensor information.

For more information on the image focus view, see Use image views.

Why don't images show up in the image layer footprints?

Images may not display in the Image Catalog when Toggle Image is enabled or in the Imagery Exploitation Canvas in the Map Focus Panel due to a visibility scale range set on the image service. Try zooming in closer on the image footprint to get the image or set of images to appear.

Why do some imagery service layers have more measurement options?

The Measurement Tool dynamically reads in the metadata and capabilities set on the image service. The measurement options available will depend on the imagery service layer you are working with.

Why don't I see project tools in my Tools panel?

Project tools are only available when you open an imagery project in the imagery exploitation canvas. The Create Observations and Create Many Observations tools are only available when you open an observation imagery project.

For more information on creating an imagery project, see Create an imagery project.

Does an observation layer require a specific schema?

Yes, an observation layer requires a specific schema to be utilized in an observation imagery project. When creating a new observation imagery project, you can choose to select an existing observation layer that meets the required schema or choose to create a new observation layer which will automatically add the required schema to the new layer.

For more information on an observation layer, see Select observation layer.

How can I change the sharing setting on my imagery project?

Imagery projects can be shared with your organization or can be left private during the guided workflow when creating a new imagery project. Imagery projects are saved in a folder called Excalibur Imagery Projects in My Content, where you can change the share setting for your imagery projects in the portal.

Will my custom defined user settings still work if I access the application from a different machine?

Yes. User settings are stored and saved with your portal identity allowing you to access the ArcGIS Excalibur application on different machines in different locations while maintaining your customized experience.

Can I use content created in ArcGIS Excalibur in other ArcGIS applications?

Yes. ArcGIS Excalibur uses the ArcGIS platform and its information model to consume and create content that can be applied to other ArcGIS applications. In particular, content created in an observation type imagery project is written to a hosted feature service and can be used in other applications such as Map Viewer and ArcGIS Pro and web applications such as Operations Dashboard and Insights for ArcGIS. You can also use exported views from the imagery exploitation canvas in Esri Story Maps templates.