Work with the image metadata table

The image metadata table allows you to see information about your imagery and interact with each image. Based on the imagery format and type, the table contains metadata about each record in the table. You can also use the table to select images, set a specific image as the focused image, or create an imagery project.

Expand or collapse the image metadata table

When you initially connect to the imagery exploitation canvas, the image metadata table is expanded by default and located below the map focus panel. Click the Image Metadata Table button to collapse or expand the table.

Table interactions

You can hover over an image record in the table to see its corresponding footprint highlighted in yellow on the map. Select an image by clicking the check box in the row, which results in the corresponding footprint being highlighted in cyan on the map. When an image is selected, you can optionally set that image as the focused image.

The results table can also be sorted by a field in ascending or descending order. Click the field name to do this.

Show selected imagery

By default, the image layer is checked on in the map focus view of the imagery exploitation canvas, allowing you to see full resolution images of the records in the image metadata table. The Show Selected option in the image metadata table allows you to view only the images of your selected records in the map focus panel.

  1. In the image metadata table, click an image check box to select an image.
  2. Click the Show Selected button on the image metadata table.

    The map focus panel displays only your selected image along with its footprint outlined in cyan. All other image footprints remain in red.

Clear selected images

Clearing selected images allows you to shift focus back to all the records in your image metadata table. In the image metadata table, click the Clear Selected button. The following occurs:

  • Any selected records are cleared.
  • Any selected footprints in the map focus panel are cleared.
  • The image focus panel closes.
  • All images in the map focus panel are turned on.
  • The map focus panel remains at the current extent.

View metadata fields

By default, the image metadata table displays a select few metadata fields. To view more or fewer fields, complete the following steps:

  1. In the image metadata table, click the add button to expand the entire metadata fields list.
  2. In the list, click the check box of the metadata field you want to show or hide in the table.

    Your changes are dynamically displayed in the metadata table.

  3. Click the add button or anywhere on the screen to close the window when you're finished showing and hiding fields.

Sketch an area of interest

The Sketch Area of Interest option allows you to interactively draw an area on the map focus view to select a subset of images. This is helpful when connecting to an imagery web service using the Imagery Web Service option or My Available Imagery, as it allows you to focus on a subset of images based on your defined area of interest. After defining an area of interest, the image metadata table updates to reflect those records intersecting your area of interest. The map focus view updates the footprints that correspond to those records in the table.

  1. Click on Sketch Area of Interest above the Image Metadata Table.
  2. Draw your area of interest to narrow down your results

    Your results will filter on the Image Metadata Table and the Map Focus Panel.

  3. Click the Clear Area of Interest button to reset the Map Focus Panel to your original results.

The Sketch Area of Interest button is only enabled if you Connect to Canvas through the Imagery Web service or My Available Imagery options. If you Connect to Canvas through Imagery Catalog Search, the option will not be available since you already chose the imagery you want to see.

Create an imagery project

Creating an imagery project allows you to organize and streamline imagery workflows based on images of interest. In the image metadata table, you can create an imagery project based only on selected images in the table.

Select images in the image metadata table

To create an imagery project based on select images in the table, complete the following steps:

  1. In the image metadata table, select images by checking their check boxes.
  2. Click the overflow menu for More Options.
  3. Click Create Imagery Project from Selected Images.

    The Create a New Imagery Project guided workflow opens, where you'll choose your project type.