My available imagery

Use the My Available Imagery option in ArcGIS Excalibur to determine the image services that are available to you in your content and your organization's content that you can use in the application. The my available imagery view displays information about each available imagery web service, allows you to enable or disable it for search in the imagery catalog search, and can be connected directly to the catalog or imagery exploitation canvas.

Filter by imagery layer title

The imagery web services can be filtered by the imagery layer title.

  1. Enter the name of an imagery layer in the input text box.

    As text is entered, the imagery layer cards are dynamically filtered.

  2. Delete the text to clear the text box.

Sort by field

The imagery web services can be sorted in ascending or descending order by fields such as date created, owner, or title to help identify imagery layers.

  1. Choose a field from the sort menu.

    Options are Date Created, Date Modified, Owner, and Title. Date Modified is the default field.

    The imagery layer list is dynamically sorted based on the chosen field.

  2. Click the sort direction button to switch between ascending and descending order.

    Descending order is the default sort direction.

Change the layout view

The imagery web services layout can be changed between two layouts: a list layout and a grid layout. Both layouts allow you to see information about the imagery layer, connect directly to the catalog or canvas, and enable or disable the service in the Imagery Catalog Search. The grid layout is the default view of My Available Imagery.

Refresh list

Click the Refresh List button to reload the My Available Imagery page. This displays the services that are available to you from your content or your organization's content.

Imagery layer details

Each imagery layer card displays the following information, which is derived from the imagery layer's item details:

  • Layer type
  • Name
  • Summary
  • Date created
  • Date modified
  • Owner
  • Access

When information on the imagery layer's item details page is edited, the changes are reflected on the imagery layer card the next time the list is refreshed.

Imagery catalog search layer

The imagery services used for search are based on your imagery task or need. Each available imagery layer can be enabled or disabled as a catalog layer used for searching in the imagery catalog search. You can enable and disable an imagery layer by clicking the top, corner box. A notification appears at the lower right of the application each time you enable and disable a layer. Enabled services are marked with a green checkbox and are available in the Catalog Imagery Layer Switcher. User settings are updated each time a layer is enabled or disabled and remain in that state until it is changed.


There will be a message at the top of the page displaying how many imagery layers are marked for quick access in the catalog search. Click the button to the right of the message to confirm that all quick access layers are valid. If an invalid layer is identified, it will be removed and your quick access layers will be updated.

Connect to Catalog

When you click Connect to Catalog, the imagery catalog search pane opens where you can search for, discover, and queue images for further use. The search map in the imagery catalog will be zoomed to the extent of the image service where you can define search settings such as the area you want to search.

Learn more about imagery catalog search

Connect to Canvas

When you click Connect to Canvas, the imagery exploitation canvas opens where you can focus on and work with specific images using the display and exploitation tools.

The map focus panel in the imagery exploitation canvas will be zoomed to the extent of the image service and displaying footprints, and the image metadata table will be populated with corresponding images.

Learn more about the imagery exploitation canvas

Additional layer information

For more information about a specific imagery layer, choose the More about this layer option in the overflow menu in either the grid view or list view.

Once you click More about this layer, a new tab will open displaying the layer details for this imagery layer. On the page, you can view:

  • Layer summary
  • Date created and updated
  • Layer owner
  • Description
  • Terms of Use
  • Tags
  • Credits
  • URL