View search results

After successfully searching for imagery in the imagery catalog, you can view and analyze the results in the results panel. In this panel, you can also preview images, view image metadata, and queue images of interest for use in imagery-based workflows.

Pin the results panel

By default, the results panel is pinned and positioned near the imagery catalog search map. Click the pin button to unpin the results panel, allowing the panel to be overlaid on top of the search map. When unpinned, any search conducted on the map extent will include the area under the results panel.

Toggle footprints on and off

You can toggle on all footprints to make the footprints of images on the Search Results tab visible on the search map. By default, footprints are toggled on (visible), but you can toggle them off at any time.


If footprints are toggled off, a yellow footprint appears on the search map when you hover over an image in the results table. See the Table interactions section below for more information.

Toggle images on and off

You can toggle on and off images to see a preview of a selected image overlaid on top of the search map. The image is a full resolution image that is orthorectified on the fly in map coordinate space. By default, images are toggled off, but you can toggle them on at any time.

Results table

The results table displays a list of images returned from a search performed in the imagery catalog. You can interact with the results table to further inspect images, such as viewing the metadata of images, previewing images, and selecting images to be queued for later use.


If no results are available or no image services are registered for use in the catalog search, a message appears in the results panel stating such.

Table interactions

You can hover over an image result in the table to see its corresponding footprint highlighted in yellow on the search map. Select an image by clicking the check box in the row, which results in the corresponding footprint being highlighted in cyan on the search map. Each time an image is selected, it's added to the Queued Images panel.

The results table can also be sorted by a field in ascending or descending order. Click the field name to do this.

Preview an image

You can preview an image in the results table to further inspect the image in its natural perspective of how the image was captured during collection.

  1. In the results table, click the view button for an image.

    A full resolution preview of the image appears, where you can inspect the image by zooming and panning.

  2. Optionally use the rotate button to rotate the image in the preview window by clicking and holding the outer perimeter and dragging the pointer.

    Click the center of the rotate button to reset the image so the top is up.

  3. Optionally click Copy to copy the image metadata to your clipboard.

    The metadata tray can be viewed in three sizes by clicking the expand button at the bottom of the tray. Clicking this button cycles through the three sizes. The middle size is the default.

  4. When you're finished inspecting the image, you can add it to the queue or connect to the canvas view.
  5. Click Close to close the image preview window.

View metadata

The metadata of each image can be viewed to gain a greater understanding about the image.

  1. In the results table, click the document button for an image.

    The image metadata panel appears, and you can expand it to view information about the image.

  2. Click Closeto close the image metadata panel.

View metadata fields

By default, the results table displays a select few metadata fields. To view more or fewer fields, complete the following steps:

  1. In the results table, click the add button to expand the entire metadata fields list.
  2. Check metadata fields to turn them on or off.

    Your changes are dynamically displayed in the results table.