Access the layer list

The layer list lets you easily view and interact with layers in your imagery exploitation canvas. Layers include the image service you are connected to, its corresponding footprints, mark up and measurements, and any additional context or project layers that are added to your canvas. There are three different layer types in the Layer List:

  • Imagery Layers - any focused layers that are associated directly with the imagery within the canvas view that were selected. This will include the connected imagery service and its corresponding footprints.
  • Context Layers - any non-imagery and non-project collection layers, including the Mark Up and Measurement Layers, and context layers that are included in a web map selected for an imagery project.
  • Project Layers - any editable collection layers that were added to the imagery project during project creation.

    The Project Layers will only be visible when you open an Observation Imagery Project.

To access the layer list and turn layers on and off, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Layer List in the imagery exploitation canvas.

    The layer list will appear with all available layers currently in the canvas. All layers are toggled on as visible by default.

  2. Click the visibility (eye) icon to turn the layer on or off in the map focus panel or image focus panel.

    The imagery layer and corresponding image footprints are not available to toggle in the image focus view.

  3. Additional reference layers that are used for context can be included in the imagery exploitation canvas when you're working on an imagery project. If layers are included in an imagery project, they appear in the layer list and can be turned on and off.

Layer list transparency

Sometimes context and project layers are overlaid on top of imagery and important objects on the image are prevented from being viewed. The layer list transparency tool lets you alter the transparency of your layers, so you can control the visibility of each layer.

By default, all layers have no transparency applied and are fully visible. To use the transparency tool:

  1. Hover over the layer you want to change.

    The layer you hovered over will be put in focus and you will see additional options.

  2. Adjust the slider to your preference on the layer you want changed.

The Image Layers are not available to change the transparency. To change the transparency of your image layer, utilize the Image Display tool.

Time slider

The time slider tool is available to Project Layers in the layer list and can be utilized to filter your project layers based on time. To learn more about the time slider tool and how it works, see Editable collection layers.