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Places/Points of Interest

Esri offers business locations data from Data Axle and places data from SafeGraph.

Data Axle

Esri's Business Locations data is extracted from a comprehensive list of businesses licensed from Data Axle. The business list contains data for more than 13 million U.S. businesses, including name and location, franchise code, industrial classification code, number of employees, and sales.

The Business Locations database business classifications include the following:

  • Location SIC and NAICS industry classifications
  • Annual sales
  • Employees


Q1 2022

Available geographies

U.S. Business Locations is a point-level dataset.

Update frequency

  • Locations
    • Quarterly (ArcGIS Business Analyst and ArcGIS Community Analyst web apps)
    • Annually (ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop)
  • Summary—Annually


Esri uses the following methodology for business data:

Sample reports

The following sample business report is available: Business Locator (PDF)

For more information about reports and the products that contain them, visit ArcGIS Apps.

For information about the number of credits needed to run reports, see Credits by capability.

Variable lists

The following lists are available:

Data availability

Business data is available in various products including the following:

For information about purchasing Esri Demographics data as stand-alone datasets, contact


The places data from SafeGraph contains information about five million U.S. places, including name, location, industrial classification code, and brand. These places are defined as locations where consumers can spend money, time, or both and include restaurants, grocery stores, malls, parks, hospitals, museums, and more.


January 2022

Update frequency

Locations—Quarterly (ArcGIS Business Analyst and ArcGIS Community Analyst web apps)


The following document on the SafeGraph website includes the methodology for business data: Places Manual.

Data availability

SafeGraph data is available in the following products:

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