UI reference

An overview of the ArcGIS Earth user interface (UI) on mobile is provided below.

ArcGIS Earth UI on mobile

  1. My Account—Tap to expand and sign in to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. You can also find functions and information about the following:
    • Explore ArcGIS Gallery—Tap to show the featured contents board. Load the layers to the default scene or view in the AR mode.
    • My Contents
      • Tours—Edit, share, or delete a tour.
      • Placemarks—Change the visibility of a placemark, remove placemarks, or share placemarks as a .kmz file.
      • Downloads—Monitor the download status, pause or refresh download, or remove mobile scene packages.
      • Tracks—View, export, upload, or delete a track.
    • Help and Feedback
      • How to use ArcGIS Earth—Familiarize yourself with product capabilities and navigation gestures.
      • Settings—Set location and measurement units in the app.
      • Provide Feedback—Tap to send feedback.
      • About—Tap to see app information.
  2. Table of contents—Control layer visibility, add or remove a layer, and share a QR code of a layer.
  3. Search—Search for a place or an address. Choose a locator from an ArcGIS portal or from a local mobile scene package by pressing L.
  4. Basemap—Tap to switch the basemap layer for the current display or turn the terrain on or off.
  5. Full screen—Use the entire screen for browsing data.
  6. Screenshot—Share a snapshot of the current scene in full screen mode.
  7. Home—Zoom out from the globe and orient north to the top of the screen.
  8. North arrow—Reorient the scene with north at the top of the viewport.
  9. My location—Navigate to your current location using the device GPS.
  10. Toolbox—Tap to add data, create placemarks, perform measurements, and create a tour.
    • Add data—Add data from the Portal Content, Add Files, Add data from QR Code, or Enter a URL options.
    • Add Placemarks—Add placemarks and edit the properties.
    • Measure—Measure a point and perform line-of-sight analysis or viewshed analysis.
    • Create Tour—Tap to create a tour from an album.
    • Record GPS Tracks—Tap to record a track based on the GPS receiver on the mobile device.
  11. Imagery resources—Tap to see dynamic copyright information of the active imagery layers.
  12. Status bar—Show longitude and latitude, elevation, and viewing altitude of the center screen.

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