Search places or addresses

The mobile version of ArcGIS Earth allows you to search for a point of interest and have the map zoom to a specific location on the globe. It also provides you the option to direct from the current location to a searched place or address via third-party navigation apps.

By default, this feature uses Esri's World Geocoding services to find addresses, cities, landmarks, business names, and postal codes in more than 100 countries around the world. Your organization can also configure custom geocode services for geosearch, geocoding, or both. With a portal connection, you can use the first locator configured in the portal when you search in the ArcGIS Earth mobile app.

For users who work offline in the field, one or more locators (.loc) can be included in the mobile scene package. You can create a locator and package it while creating a mobile scene package in ArcGIS Pro. By default, ArcGIS Earth consolidates multiple locators into one locator for a mobile scene package, which will be listed in Search Search and available to use after you add a mobile scene package to the scene.

Searching for a location from a valid pair of geographic coordinates is also supported.


For Android devices, the mobile scene package locator only works on 64-bit platforms.

Additionally, the searched location can be saved as a placemark by tapping the pin on the globe.