Create tours

With ArcGIS Earth for mobile, you can create a tour with geotagged photos and placemarks, play them by sequence, record a video of the tour, and share it.

Get started

Create a tour with geotagged photos in your photo album or placemarks in your drawings list, showing what you have seen or where you have been along a trip on a 3D globe. Manage your tours in the Tours section, where you can edit, play, share, and delete them.

Create a tour

To create a tour, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Toolbox button Toolbox at the bottom of the screen and choose the Tour tool Tour.
  2. ArcGIS Earth supports tour creation through the Select Placemark Select Placemark and Select Photo Select Photo options. To add a placemark, choose an existing point or a geosearch location from your drawings list. To add a photo, choose an existing one from your album or take a new one. Photos without location information cannot be added to a tour. You can add up to 20 photos and placemarks for a tour.
  3. Tap Done to finish creating a tour.

This feature requires permission to access your device's camera and photos.

Edit a tour

To edit a tour, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the title to change the name of it and add a description.
  2. Tap Play Play to preview the tour.
  3. Tap Overview Overview to fly to preview the overview map with the photos and placemarks.
  4. Tap Add Add to add more placemarks or photos to the tour.
  5. Edit additional details for photos and placemarks in the tour.
    • Tap a photo or placemark to zoom in.
    • Tap Text to add descriptive text.
    • Tap View to set the viewpoint and time duration of photos or placemarks.
  6. Long press to delete or update the order of the photos or placemarks for display.
  7. Customize the color of the path for the tour.
  8. Tap Save to save your edits.

Preview a tour

Tap Play Play to preview and fly through a tour. During playback, view the title and description. While playing, you can pause, change the playing speed, or exit the preview.

Share a tour as a video

Tap Share Share to start recording a video of the tour. You can display or hide the watermark. Interaction with the globe is temporarily blocked when the video is recording.

After the recording is done, tap Save to generate a video in the album. You may want to share it later through other apps, or share it with your colleagues, friends, and family.