Experience Builder for Web AppBuilder users

You cannot directly convert custom widgets, themes, and apps from Web AppBuilder to Experience Builder. However, nearly all of the functionality you used in Web AppBuilder is available in Experience Builder, along with additional functionality. If you are familiar with Web AppBuilder and want to get started with Experience Builder, the following sections outline what you need to do.

Identify Web AppBuilder features that are available in Experience Builder

To help you plan your migration, review the functionality matrix for Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder. Experience Builder functionality equivalents are listed for all Web AppBuilder widgets. You can also identify when each widget first became available or will be come available in ArcGIS Enterprise and the developer edition.

Discover Experience Builder and how it's different from Web AppBuilder

Experience Builder, like Web AppBuilder, is a low-to-no-code tool for creating web apps that interact with ArcGIS data. One difference between them is their underlying technology: Experience Builder is built on ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript (Web AppBuilder was built on ArcGIS API for JavaScript).

Experience Builder offers a higher level of customization than Web AppBuilder. In Experience Builder, an experience is a web app that you build using drag-and-drop functionality to position maps, images, menus, and other widgets and tools on a page.

Experience Builder offers the following capabilities that Web AppBuilder does not:

You can familiarize yourself with the Experience Builder user interface and key features using the following introductory resources:

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Get hands-on experience with Experience Builder

Esri offers hundreds of scenario-based tutorials based on real-world data and situations. The following are tutorials for beginner and intermediate users of Experience Builder:

Connect with users and developers

ArcGIS Experience Builder on Esri Community is the best place to ask questions and get answers from users and developers of all experience levels.

Increase your knowledge of Experience Builder

If you are familiar with the basic features of Experience Builder, the following reference materials are helpful for answering specific questions: