Create your first app

Step 1
1Create an app
Step 2
2Choose a theme
Step 3
3Select a map or scene
Step 4
4Add widgets
Step 5
5Configure attributes
Step 6
6Preview, save, and open

1. Create an app

Create 2D and 3D apps by accessing Web AppBuilder using one of the following methods:

  • On the My Content tab of the content page, click Create app, choose Web AppBuilder, and select 2D or 3D.
  • Open the item page for a map or scene, click Create Web App and choose Web AppBuilder.
  • Open a map in Map Viewer Classic, click the Share button, and click Create a Web App. In the window that opens, click the Web AppBuilder tab.

You can also create an app directly from Web AppBuilder. Click New App and choose Create New 2D App or Create New 3D App, or choose from a list of recent apps to edit.

2. Choose a theme

Configure the look and feel of the app by choosing a theme. A theme includes a collection of panels, styles, layouts, and preconfigured widgets.

3. Select a map or scene

Select a map or a scene you've created or choose one from your organization. If you open Web AppBuilder with a map or scene already selected, you can change it, if needed.

4. Add widgets

Widgets give your app functionality, such as the ability to print an overview map. Each theme has its own preconfigured set of widgets, and you can add more widgets.

5. Configure attributes

Configure attributes to customize your app banner with a logo, title, hyperlinks, and so on.

6. Preview, save, and open

You can preview your app with popular device screen sizes (2D apps only). When you've completed the previous steps, save and launch your new app. You can view and edit your app later by accessing it in your ArcGIS content.