Set up ArcGIS Urban

To set up ArcGIS Urban for read and write use, you must add an ArcGIS Urban license to your ArcGIS Online account.

Stakeholders and the public can access ArcGIS Urban without a license. They do not have to sign in to see the public view. A license is only required for the administrator of an urban model and for those who need to edit plans or projects.

License and set up ArcGIS Urban

The first step in setting up ArcGIS Urban is to obtain a license for your ArcGIS Online organization. Once the license is available in the organization, you must assign the license to your ArcGIS Online user account. Then, you can create an Urban Model from the Create drop-down menu in your ArcGIS Online content.

To set up ArcGIS Urban, complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain an ArcGIS Urban license for your ArcGIS Online organization and assign it to your user account on ArcGIS Online.
  2. Note:
    Review the Manage licenses topic in the ArcGIS Online help for additional information about how to assign licenses to users.
  3. Go to the Content page in your ArcGIS Online organization, click the Create drop-down menu, and select Urban Model.
  4. Name the model.

    The ArcGIS Urban initialization dialog box appears.

  5. Choose a template for the model.
    • Choose one of the four example cities (Melbourne, Boston, Uppsala, and Hardeeville) to set up a fully populated urban model in your ArcGIS Online content.
    • Choose USA Default for a template populated with ArcGIS Living Atlas data as well as with predefined zoning and building types or choose Empty for an empty template to add your own data.

    When the setup tool has finished creating services, ArcGIS Urban opens automatically.


Closing the browser tab or refreshing the page cancels the initialization process. Keep the tab open while the services are created.

For more information and step-by-step instruction on how to prepare your data using the data manager, see Prepare data.

Support for ArcGIS Hub community accounts

With ArcGIS Hub community accounts citizens can create projects and work on scenarios without an Urban license. To use Hub community accounts in ArcGIS Urban, a Hub Premium license that is tied to your ArcGIS Online organization is required. Once Hub Premium is licensed, citizens can create community accounts in ArcGIS Urban. Review the ArcGIS Hub online documentation to learn more about Hub and Hub Premium.