FAQ for mobile workers

What are the supported platforms and system requirements?

ArcGIS QuickCapture is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. See Device requirements for the mobile app for more information.

How do I get the app?

ArcGIS QuickCapture is available from Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices. You can also download Android and Windows installation files from the QuickCapture Resources page.

How is ArcGIS QuickCapture licensed?

To use projects, the Field Worker, Creator, or GIS Professional user type with the Field Apps Bundle is required. An Editor user type with a QuickCapture add-on license can also be used. See ArcGIS account requirements for more information.

How do I get started with the mobile app?

To start capturing data with the QuickCapture mobile app, you need to download a QuickCapture project. Projects are created using the QuickCapture designer and then shared with the signed-in user. If you don't yet have access to your projects, you can download and test a selection of example projects using the Continue without signing in option in the mobile app.

How do I connect to my ArcGIS Enterprise organization?

When you start the app, sign in with ArcGIS Enterprise and enter the URL of your 10.7.1 or later portal. You will then be prompted for your ArcGIS Enterprise credentials.


Optionally, click the QR code scanner to enter your portal address. QR codes are created using third-party apps or websites, and the portal URL in the QR code should be of the format https://host.domain.com/webadaptor.

Why can't I sign in?

Do the following if you are having trouble signing in:

  • Verify that you typed your user name and password correctly.
  • Ensure that you are using an ArcGIS account, that it is a valid user type, and that the appropriate app bundle is assigned to you. See ArcGIS account requirements for more information.

How can I give feedback on the app?

To submit feedback directly from the mobile app, tap your profile icon and select Feedback from the menu. You can also provide feedback on the GeoNet QuickCapture community page or by sending an email to QuickCapture@esri.com. If you're experiencing issues using the app, contact Esri Technical Support.

Can I roll back to a previous version of the app?

No. Rolling back to a previous version of the app is not supported. For details, see the Product Life Cycle for ArcGIS QuickCapture.

Can I edit a project in the app?

No. Editing a project in the app is not supported.

Why is my line or polygon not captured?

Lines and polygons will not be captured until the user has moved a minimum distance from the first vertex. Lines require a minimum of two vertices and polygons require a minimum of three vertices.

How can I improve the location captured by my device?

You can improve the accuracy of the location captured by your device by using a high-accuracy receiver.

There is a broad range of GNSS receivers that can connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Can I use the mobile app without an ArcGIS account?

Yes. You can use the mobile app without signing in and download publicly shared projects as long as you have been provided a project access or QR code.

How can I limit battery consumption when using QuickCapture for long periods of time?

Consider the following methods to limit battery consumption:

  • Battery saving mode—Go to Settings > Battery saving mode and enable the option. Battery saving mode is on by default on iOS devices.
  • Autosend—Go to Settings > Autosend and either reduce the autosend frequency or disable autosend completely.
  • Device settings—Configure settings on your device to improve battery consumption. For example, disable Wi-Fi and 4G if not required, reduce screen brightness, or lock the screen when not interacting with the app.

How can I use the location from my drone to capture records in QuickCapture?

QuickCapture can be configured to use the location of a drone that is controlled using Site Scan for ArcGIS. In QuickCapture Settings, choose Provider and choose Add Provider Via Network. Enter the Hostname and Port parameters taken from Site Scan and select Add. QuickCapture now receives location updates from Site Scan. For more information, see Site Scan for ArcGIS integration.

How is my personal information used by QuickCapture?

QuickCapture allows you to capture observations by tapping a button that represents the observation type you want to capture. These observations can be points (for example, a type of hazard), lines (for example, a stretch of road in poor condition), or polygons (for example, an area of weed cover), depending on the project being used. To capture these observations, QuickCapture does the following with your information:

  • Uses your location to record the coordinates of each observation you capture, before uploading them to ArcGIS for mapping and analysis
  • If configured by the project author, may include personal information such as your ArcGIS user name, dates and photos in captured observations
  • Stores signed-in user information locally in the app's secure storage to support automated sign-in

Captured observations are secured using ArcGIS role-based access control. This means that while on the device, only the signed-in user is able to access captured observations. Once uploaded to ArcGIS, observations are only accessible to users in your organization who have been granted the required privileges. Additionally, uploaded observations are subsequently removed from the device.

QuickCapture does not retain any of your location information in the app. Information added to ArcGIS is subject to Esri's Proprietary Rights Acknowledgment and will be handled in accordance with Esri's Privacy Policy.