Known issues for project authors

Features of mobile data collection or project authoring that don't behave as expected or intended, as well as potential solutions or workarounds, are described below.

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Nonfederated services require credentials to be saved in the item.

The web designer and mobile app only support nonfederated services if the service has been secured with token-based security and credentials have been saved in the corresponding item to which the service was added.

Project QR codes generated by the designer fail to scan when used on a black background.

When placing a project QR code on a black background, add a white border to the image.

I'm unable to update project thumbnails on Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) or Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authenticated portals.

Project thumbnails cannot be added or updated on IWA or PKI authenticated ArcGIS Enterprise portals from the web designer. To update thumbnails, go to My Content in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal website and edit the item details of the project.

I am unable to share my project to Everyone on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 or 10.9.

If you are using the QuickCapture designer with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 or 10.9, you will unexpectedly see a message stating that your organization must add ArcGIS Hub Premium. ArcGIS Hub Premium is not required. To share projects in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 or 10.9, browse to the Content page of your organization, select the project, and choose to share the project item.


Emojis cannot be used in a field name.

Although a feature service that contains emojis in field names can be created, data cannot be submitted to the feature service with any tool.

Questions can only be retrieved from a survey when a web form exists.

When configuring a link button to integrate with the Survey123 field app, if you select a survey that does not contain a web form, the QuickCapture designer cannot retrieve questions from the survey. To populate the list of survey questions in the designer, open the survey in Survey123 Connect, click Publish, click Options, and enable Create web form. Click OK and click Publish Survey.

I'm unable to assign a value to a field that only allows unique values.

If a field is set to only allow unique values, the designer will prevent you from assigning a value (fixed value, user input, or variable) because this would lead to nonunique values being created and result in upload errors. To add a fixed value, user input, or variable, you must first remove the unique value requirement of the field from the feature layer. While you can save a project that contains a field that only allows unique values (in this scenario, the value submitted to the field by the mobile app will always be null), you cannot save a project that references a field that only allows unique values and is also required.

I'm unable to assign a project user input to a field.

Project user inputs can be applied to multiple buttons in a project, in any field. However, there are two restrictions:

  • The field type must be of type string.
  • The field can't have a list of values (domain) defined in the underlying feature layer.

When I choose Save project as and I select the Make a copy of the layers option, I get the error message Can't save project due to unknown error.

Feature layers that have related tables cannot be copied using this option. To create a copy of both a project and its feature layer (that contains related tables), copy it without this option selected. Create the layer in the Contents page of your organization by choosing New item > Feature Layer > Select an existing feature layer and selecting the layer to copy. Once this layer is created, in QuickCapture designer, manually update the layer that is referenced in the project and then edit the buttons of the new project to target this new layer.

I see the Invalid username or password message after trying to add a service URL of a copied QuickCapture project as a new item URL in ArcGIS Enterprise.

When creating a project from existing feature layers, ensure that your feature layer does not use special characters in the service URL. Layer names that contain special characters such as ( ) & ? @ may cause issues when you try to duplicate the project with new layers or try to reuse the layer as a template in other ArcGIS apps.

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