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Configure log settings

When working with ArcGIS Monitor logs, you may need to change some of the log settings to help you capture events more effectively. For example, you may need to change the log level from the default of Warning to Info to capture events such as component registration. You may also want to reduce the number of days that logs are kept on disk to save disk space.

Available log settings

The following settings can be changed as appropriate for your deployment.

Specify the log level

Events can vary in level of detail from Severe, which indicates a problem that requires immediate attention, to Verbose, which is a detailed, informative message generated through regular use of Monitor. The log level is set to Warning, by default, meaning that moderate to severe problems that require attention will be logged.

Learn more about available log levels

Specify the duration of log retention

Logs are retained on disk for approximately 90 days. When a log exceeds this time frame, it is deleted. Specifying a shorter time frame, such as 30 days, can prevent the logs directory from growing larger than expected.

Update log settings

To update Monitor log settings, complete these steps:

  1. Access Monitor, if necessary.

    The Home page appears.

  2. Click Administration.

    The Administration page appears.

  3. Click the Logs tab.

    The Logs page appears with a table of log entries sorted chronologically.

  4. Click Edit next to Log Settings from the side of the Logs page.

    The Log Settings dialog box appears.

  5. Click the Log level drop-down arrow and choose a logging level.
  6. Specify how long log entries are to be kept in the Log Retention Period text box.

    When a log entry exceeds the specified time frame, it is deleted. The default log retention period is 90 days.

  7. Click Save.

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