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ArcGIS Monitor logs

ArcGIS Monitor records events that occur, and any errors associated with those events, to logs. Logs are an important tool for monitoring and troubleshooting problems with your deployment. Information in the logs will help you identify errors and provide context on how to address problems. The logs also comprise a history of the events that occur over time.

For example, the following events are recorded in the logs:

  • Setup events, such as authorizing the software and creating the config store
  • General monitoring events such as component registration, observer errors, metric data errors, and so on
  • Monitor Agent registration events and errors
  • Security events, such as user authentication, creating and changing user roles, updating HTTP and HTTPS settings, and import and export of security certificates
  • General events, such as restarting ArcGIS Monitor, updates to monitoring, smtp server, and database configuration

Software installation and upgrade events are not recorded in the logs.

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