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Add users

You can add users from the Users tab on the Administration page in ArcGIS Monitor. You must be assigned the Administrator role to add users. To add users to Monitor, complete these steps:

  1. Access ArcGIS Monitor, if necessary.

    The Home page appears.

  2. Click Administration.

    The Administration page appears.

  3. Click the Users tab.

    The Users page appears with a list of users sorted alphabetically by name.


    Click Sort to change the sorting method, click Filter to create a query to filter the list, and click Hide to choose which columns to hide or show. You can also search for specific users by typing a keyword in the Search by first name, last name, or username text box.

  4. Click Add User.

    The Add User dialog box appears.

  5. Choose the role that you want to assign to the user:
    • Administrator
    • Manager
    • Viewer
  6. Provide the following information:
    • First Name—The user's first name.
    • Last Name—The user's last name.
    • Email—The user's email address.
    • Username—The username must be unique and identify the user. Usernames are case sensitive.
    • PasswordThe password must adhere to the Monitor password policy. Passwords are case sensitive.
  7. Click Add User.

    The user appears in the list of users.

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