What's new in ArcGIS Mission

ArcGIS Mission is available in ArcGIS Enterprise. ArcGIS Mission is a geospatial communications and situational awareness app that provides managers, analysts, and responders with a comprehensive picture of the operating environment and helps the coordination of movement and communication among team members. ArcGIS Mission has three components: Manager, Responder, and Server.

The ArcGIS Mission Manager web app is where missions are built and organized. ArcGIS Mission Responder allows mission engagement through a mobile app. ArcGIS Mission Server is an ArcGIS Enterprise server that links Manager and Responder. For more information, see What is ArcGIS Mission.

ArcGIS Mission Manager

  • OGC Layer Support—ArcGIS Mission can handle other than ArcGIS Rest layer formats including WFS, WMS, WMTS.
  • Broadcast Messages—Mission Managers can now send a one-way message of importance in the form of a broadcast to all mission members regardless of when they join the mission.
  • Mission Templates—Mission owners and administrators will be able to create templates of a current mission, a template from available options, and a mission from created templates. This will improve the speed of operations that organizations can manage missions
  • Mission Capabilities—When creating a new mission, mission owners can specify if they want to add reports, tasks, or both. By default chats and location tracking will be enabled.
  • UI Improvements—Numerous updates have been made to the mission analyst screen, improving usability and performance.

ArcGIS Mission Responder

  • Backwards Compatibility—ArcGIS Mission Responder will consolidate to a single application that will work with Mission 11.0 and later.
  • Individual Notification SettingsResponder users will have the ability to customize the notifications that they wish to receive based on activity, thus alleviating a notification per system event.
  • Navigation SupportResponder users can get turn by turn directions by selecting the area they need to navigate to with the device utilizing the applications on their phone (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigator, or Waze) to get them to the appropriate location.   
  • Tasking from ResponderResponder users, when promoted to mission lead in Manager, can receive tasks as well as create them for other Responder users.

ArcGIS Mission Server

  • Upgrade Mission Support—Mission administrators, after upgrading to the current version of Mission, will be able to upgrade past missions from 11.0 and 11.1 to the current version. This allows organizations to continue to utilize missions created on earlier versions.