What's new in ArcGIS Mission

ArcGIS Mission is available in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1. ArcGIS Mission is a geospatial communications and situational awareness app that provides managers, analysts, and responders with a comprehensive picture of the operating environment and helps the coordination of movement and communication among team members. ArcGIS Mission has three components: Manager, Responder, and Server.

The ArcGIS Mission Manager web app is where missions are built and organized. ArcGIS Mission Responder allows mission engagement through a mobile app. ArcGIS Mission Server is an ArcGIS Enterprise server that links Manager and Responder. For more information, see What is ArcGIS Mission.

ArcGIS Mission Manager

  • Enhancements to mission deletion—Mission owners now have the ability to delete an entire mission or parts of it when data retention is a necessity.
  • Mission reports enhancements—Mission reports are more functional with the addition of a new report field choice, the ability to set field defaults, and the ability to adjust character limits.
  • Report editing—Published mission reports can now be edited to correct errors, change symbology, or add an additional field to the form.
  • Mission map functionality enhancements—The mission map has expanded functionality such as feature labeling and styling enhancements to native mission layers.
  • Expanded user information—The introduction of Mission Bio Cards expands the background of mission participants and provides methods for quick communication with these individuals.
  • ArcGIS QuickCapture integration—Incorporate ArcGIS QuickCapture projects into any mission.

ArcGIS Mission Responder

  • Landscape mode—Landscape mode has been enabled, giving responders a larger map viewing experience. 
  • Mission map enhancements—Updated how the mission map is used in ArcGIS Mission Responder; the mission map now supports custom symbology and a cohesive vision across the Mission client applications. 
  • Member Bio Cards—New Members Details screen with additional information such as a member’s callsign and phone number, with the added ability to call them directly from the responder application.  
  • ArcGIS QuickCapture integrationResponder has direct access to ArcGIS QuickCapture projects 
  • Reports enhancements—New button field reports, in addition to a UI overhaul to the report submission workflow. 

ArcGIS Mission Server

  • Web tier authentication—Support allows for users to have Single Sign On capabilities as well as use trusted certificates for secure and easy mission access.
  • Mission logs—Logs are created on all significant actions within a mission. These logs capture information about actions taken with mission members, mission teams, and key information pertaining to a mission.
  • Delete Mission—Along with the manager interface, an API is available that allows for back-end administration of mission data.
  • Edit Report—Along with the report editing interface, an API is available that allows for customization of reports.