What's new in ArcGIS Mission

ArcGIS Mission is available in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0. ArcGIS Mission is a geospatial communications and situational awareness app that provides managers, analysts, and responders with a comprehensive picture of the operating environment and helps the coordination of movement and communication among team members. ArcGIS Mission has three components: Manager, Responder, and Server.

The ArcGIS Mission Manager web app is where missions are built and organized. ArcGIS Mission Responder allows mission engagement through a mobile app. ArcGIS Mission Server is an ArcGIS Enterprise server that links Manager and Responder. For more information, see What is ArcGIS Mission.

ArcGIS Mission Manager

  • ArcGIS Survey123 IntegrationArcGIS Mission can now access Survey123 forms as mission materials.
  • Enhancements to mission materials—Mission managers can leverage new material types, including web maps and dashboards
  • Mission Map—The mission map has new tools and enhancements made to tools that existed already.
  • UI Improvements—Numerous updates have been made to the mission analyst screen, improving usability and performance.

ArcGIS Mission Responder

  • ArcGIS Survey123 IntegrationResponder users now have direct access to surveys.
  • Access MaterialsResponder users now have access to mission materials from the map screen.
  • Dark Mode—Dark mode has been enabled for Responder users in both iOS and Android.
  • Viewing Reports - Responder users can view a list of all submitted reports on the map screen

ArcGIS Mission Server

  • New Self endpoint with Update operation—Allows users to configure settings on the server such as requestTimeout length, enable integrations, and control access to this endpoint.
  • New parameters to facilitate sensor report creation—Integration with third-party hardware to trigger custom reports is now supported by new parameters.
  • Security and performance enhancements