Mission materials

Materials are files and resources that mission owners and administrators provide to mission members for use during the mission. Materials that Responder users can access can be documents, images, or links to ArcGIS Survey123. Documents and images are downloaded to the device being used, while links work through the ArcGIS Survey123 app.

Materials can be accessed from the active mission map, or from the mission overview. To access materials from the mission map, complete the following steps:

  1. Locate your mission on the mission list.
  2. Tap Mission Map.

    The mission map will open and your connection status will become active.

  3. Tap the Materials icon, on the bottom banner.

    The materials list will open, and you can select Images, Documents, or Survey123 Forms.

The workflows for accessing a specific material are the same once a user access the materials list, whether that is from the mission map or the mission overview. Those workflows are detailed as part of the documentation for Materials in the mission overview.