Feed and analytic management

As an organization administrator, you can review the feeds, analytics, and output layers in your ArcGIS Velocity subscription directly in the Velocity app. On any of the content list pages (Feeds, Real-Time, Big Data, or Layers), click the Organization Content tab instead of My Content. This view is only available to users with the Administrator role type.

Feed list organization content view

The Organization Content tab provides oversight abilities for user items. You can do the following on this tab:

  • Open a feed or output layer in the map viewer.
  • View feed or analytic details (data source and connectivity information is not displayed).
  • View feed or analytic metrics.
  • View feed or analytic logs.
  • Make changes to feed, analytic, or layer sharing settings.
  • Stop a running feed or analytic.

The Organization Content tab contains the content you can view as the administrator, including your own items. You cannot do the following on this tab:

  • Create a feed or analytic.
  • Clone a feed or analytic.
  • Start a feed or analytic.
  • Delete a feed, analytic, or layer.

To perform any of the above actions on your own content, switch to the My Content tab. To start or delete another user's feed or analytic as organization administrator, you must first transfer ownership of the item to your content.

The purpose of the Organization Content tab is to allow an organization administrator to understand the types and quantities of real-time and big data items, and to manage running items as needed. Managing user items is useful, especially when subscription capacity needs to be available to accommodate other use cases. For details on monitoring subscription use, see Compute and storage management.