Share feeds

The feeds created with ArcGIS Velocity can be easily shared with other users in groups or in your organization. This allows users to add available feeds to web maps, web applications, ArcGIS Pro, and other mapping applications. Additionally, other Velocity users in your organization can create their own real-time analytics using shared feeds. You have the option of sharing items with groups or to the entire organization.

Essential concepts

If a feed is shared with another Velocity user, they are able to visualize the feed in a web map or other mapping application. If the other user is a member of the same organization and has privileges to publish real-time analytics, they can create their own analytic that processes data ingested by that feed.

Only the feed owner can edit, clone, or start a feed. Non-owners that have access to shared feeds can only see a subset of the feed properties.

Share a feed

A feed can be shared in ArcGIS Online allowing other users to access the feed.

Share a feed in ArcGIS Online

  1. Open ArcGIS Online and sign in.
  2. Navigate to the Content page.
  3. Check the checkbox next to the feed(s) you want to share and click Share.
  4. In the Share popup, choose whether to share your feed with your organization or specific groups.
  5. Click Save to share the feed(s).

Other users in your organization can now search for and find the shared feed.

Access a shared feed

If a feed has been shared, there are several ways to access the feed in ArcGIS Online.

Add a shared feed to a new or existing real-time analytic

A shared feed can be added to an analytic during authoring or editing.

  1. The owner of the feed shares it to the desired sharing level or groups.
  2. The real-time analytic publisher chooses the Existing Feed option when selecting an input feed.
  3. In the content browser, the publisher must navigate from My Content page to the My Organization page and search for or browse to the shared feed.

Open shared feed in ArcGIS Online

Feeds can be shared with a group or the organization. When a feed has been shared, find it in ArcGIS Online via a search, browsing, or viewing group content and then by clicking Open in Velocity on the item details page. The feed details page will open in Velocity.

From the feed details page you can create a real-time analytic that ingests data from the shared feed.

Open shared feed via URL

A feed can be shared by the owner to others using a simple URL.

  1. The owner of the feed shares it to the desired sharing level or groups.
  2. The owner of the feed copies the URL to the analytic (for example,
  3. The owner provides the URL to the user they would like to access the feed.
  4. The user navigates to the URL which opens the feed details page in Velocity.


Only users in an ArcGIS Online organization with Velocity enabled can open shared feeds in the Velocity app. Additionally, users must have a sufficient user type and role privileges to work with feeds. For details, see Create roles and assign users.

In the current release of ArcGIS Velocity, feeds cannot be shared outside the ArcGIS Online organization associated with the Velocity subscription. A future release will allow users to share feeds with others outside an organization.