Azure Event Hub

Azure Event Hub is a managed service hosted in the Azure cloud that can be used as a central message hub for ingesting and relaying data from ArcGIS Velocity to other IoT devices or applications.

For details on Microsoft Azure Event Hub, see the Azure Event Hubs documentation.


  • A logistics company configures an Azure Event Hub output to get enriched vehicle fleet information to different department systems.
  • A data analyst wants to send the results of their big data analytic to an Azure Event Hub.

Usage notes

  • Azure Event Hub connection properties can be obtained from the Microsoft Azure Event Hub in the Azure portal.


ParameterDescriptionData Type

Shared Access Key Name

The shared access key name for the Azure Event Hub credentials.


Shared Access Key

The shared access key for the Azure Event Hub credentials.


Event Hub Endpoint

The endpoint of the Azure Event Hub.

For example: iothub-ns-streetlight-010101-0f024610d9


Event Hub Entity Path

The entity path for the Azure Event Hub. This is also referred to as the namespace.

For example: Streetlights-IoT-Hub