Filter by Geometry

filter by geometry tool small icon The Filter by Geometry tool filters features by a spatial relationship with another dataset. Features for which the spatial relationship evaluates as true are retained.


  • A real-time analytic uses the Filter by Geometry tool to retain only the incoming records from a feed where the feature geometry intersects a polygon dataset of port areas.
  • A big data analytic uses the Filter by Geometry tool to retain only features where the feature geometry enters a polygon dataset representing service areas.

Usage notes

  • The tool can compare the spatial relationship of features to point, line, or polygon features
  • The tool evaluates a user-defined spatial relationship between the target features and a specified join dataset.


ParameterDescriptionData Type

Input Layer

The layer which will be filtered.


Join Layer

The dataset to process a spatial relationship with as part of a spatial filtering relationship.


Spatial Relationship

Defines the criteria used to spatially filter the target features. Spatial relationships include:

  • disjoint
  • enter
  • equals
  • exit
  • intersects
  • near geodesic
  • near planar
  • touches
  • within


Time Window

When operating a stateful manner, this setting defines the longest anticipated period of time between observations for each track.


Output layer

The Filter by Geometry tool does not alter incoming features, so the output layer will contain the same fields and attribute values as the incoming features.