Manage user settings in Insights desktop


User settings are available in Insights desktop.

The user settings allow you to configure Insights desktop.

View and edit your settings

Use the following steps to view or edit your settings:

  1. Launch Insights desktop, if necessary.
  2. Click the Settings tab Settings on the home page.
  3. View and edit the necessary settings.
  4. Click Save changes to save the edits and exit your user settings. Click Cancel to exit without making changes.


The help source can be set to Online help (default) or Offline help. It is recommended that you continue to use the online help unless your computer is disconnected from the internet because the online help is updated more frequently than the offline help.

Events can vary in level of detail from Error, which indicates a problem that requires immediate attention, to All, which is a detailed, informative message generated through regular use of the application. The following log levels are available:

  • Error (default)—Serious problems that require immediate attention.
  • Warn—Moderate problems that require attention. This level also includes Error messages.
  • Info—Common administrative messages. This level also includes Error and Warn messages.
  • Debug—Verbose messages designed for developers and support technicians who want to obtain a better understanding of the application's state when troubleshooting. This log level also includes Error, Warn, and Info messages.
  • Trace—Highly verbose messages from use of the application. This level is designed for troubleshooting and also includes Error, Warn, Info, and Debug messages.
  • All—Messages providing more detail about how the application fulfills an operation. This level is designed for troubleshooting and also includes Error, Warn, Info, Debug, and Trace messages.
  • Off—Logging is turned off.

The Debug, Trace, and All log levels may decrease performance and are only recommended when troubleshooting an issue.

The Keep logs for at least parameter determines how long logs are retained, in days. The default retention time is 14 days.

The user settings also include the default tab that will be displayed on the home page. You can choose either the Home tab or the Workbooks tab as the default.

Other user settings are saved based on the choices you make as you use Insights. You can reset all of the following settings by checking the Reset all user settings check box:

  • Skip the Welcome to Insights window.
  • Set the default tab on the home page.
  • View items on the home page using Tile view Tile view.
  • Check the Don't ask me again check box when updating a shared page or theme.