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The June 2022 update for ArcGIS Experience Builder includes the new features, widgets, and enhancements listed below.

  • Documentation—ArcGIS Enterprise web help is now available alongside ArcGIS Online documentation. You can use the new switcher located at the top of each topic to view other available versions.
  • Symbols—The Show on map message and data actions now allow you to customize symbols.
  • Templates—Adds three new fullscreen page templates—Route, Gear, Showcase, Events, and Sketchbook—and one new window template—Steps.
  • Utility service—The new Utility service panel allows you to add services that enable printing, geocoding, routing, and more. When applicable, widget settings now include options to select or add utility services. You can add by entering service URLs or selecting ArcGIS Online items. You can authorize public access to utility services through your ArcGIS account.


Style settings now include a quick style option for borders, backgrounds, and box shadows. On the Insert widget panel, widgets such as the Branch Version Management widget now have an icon and ToolTip to indicate that they require additional subscriptions. Other improvements include the following new and updated widgets:

  • 3D Toolbox widget (new)—Adds 3D effects and analysis tools to web scenes. Currently, the widget supports daylight, weather, shadow cast, and line of sight tools.
  • Print widget (new)—Allows printing web maps and includes options for previewing extents, selecting layouts, and more.
  • Timeline widget (new)—Allows viewing temporal data from web maps, feature layers, and map service layers to see how data changes over time.
  • Business Analyst Infographic (beta) widget—Supports printing and allows exporting to HTML and Excel. Provides options to view the infographic in a fullscreen mode and to disable page zoom. Additionally, you can use the new Update infographic button in the widget's settings to apply all changes at once.
  • Directions widget—You can now save calculated routes as ArcGIS Online items.
  • Floor Filter widget—Now out of beta.
  • Chart widget—Supports calculating statistics by median. Adds an auxiliary guide setting for bar, column, line, scatter plot, and area charts, which you can use to highlight interesting values. Also, you can now customize the position of the value label for bar and column charts.
  • Coordinate Conversion widget—When entering an address, users can now choose from a list of auto-completed suggestions that appear based on matching records.
  • Filter widget—Allows resetting all filters to their original states.
  • List widget—You can now align grid lists to the left, center, or right. Additionally, the widget allows resetting all list filters to their original states.
  • Map widget—For feature selection, you can now customize the highlight outline in addition to the fill, and you can customize transparency for both.
  • Map Layers widget—Allows users to choose whether to show or hide labels for each applicable layer. If a layer is an ArcGIS Online item, clicking Details opens the layer's item page.
  • Search widget—In addition to a page, you can now have search results open a specific window or section view or scroll to a block or the top of the current page. For locator sources, you can now choose one or more fields to display in the search result panel. You can drag selected fields to reorder them.
  • Survey widget—Supports creating new surveys without adding tags. In addition, the widget no longer automatically refreshes after users submit responses, meaning it stays on the thank you screen until users refresh the widget manually. If you want to configure auto-refresh to allow users to submit multiple responses, you can use the Survey123 builder.

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