What's new

The February 2023 update of ArcGIS Dashboards includes enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Highlights of the update are listed below.

Map layer data sources

Elements that have their data sources based on a map layer are no longer dependent on the map element. Deleting the map element whose data source is powering other elements does not delete those elements.


The ArcGIS Arcade expression editor has been updated. The new editor features a dynamic expression writing experience with autopopulated code suggestions, a robust function search, and flags for unassigned variables and expression errors. You can use the new editor where you would use advanced formatting or data expressions.

The Dashboard Formatting profile for Arcade has been split into separate profiles for each element that supports advanced formatting. The indicator element now uses the Dashboard Indicator Formatting profile, the list element now uses the Dashboard List Formatting profile, and the table element now uses the Dashboard Table Formatting profile.

Previous releases

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