To use ArcGIS Dashboards, the following requirements must be met. You can use dashboards in any of the supported languages.

Supported browsers

When a dashboard with a mobile view opens, the device's screen size is used to load the optimal view of the dashboard. A screen size threshold of up to 600 pixels wide is used, unless the dashboard URL includes a dashboard view parameter. For best performance, use the latest version of the browsers and devices listed below.

Desktop systems

ArcGIS Dashboards supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 118 and later
  • Microsoft Edge version 118 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 121 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 115 (ESR)
  • Safari version 16 and later

Mobile devices

ArcGIS Dashboards supports the following browsers on mobile devices:

  • Safari on iOS version 16 and later
  • Chrome on Android


For the best viewing experience on browsers running on mobile devices, make sure to create a mobile view for your dashboard.

Screen readers

ArcGIS Dashboards is tested with the following screen readers:

  • VoiceOver with Safari on macOS
  • NVDA with Firefox on Windows OS

Account requirements

The ArcGIS account requirements for Dashboards depend on the use case.

Viewing dashboards

Anyone, including anonymous users, can view dashboards that have been shared publicly. Viewing a dashboard that isn't shared publicly requires that you be a member of an ArcGIS organization.

Creating dashboards

To create dashboards, you must be a member of an ArcGIS organization with a user type that includes privileges to create content.

Supported languages

Dashboards supports all the languages ArcGIS Online supports.

The language used by the app is determined by your browser's language setting if you are not signed in to an organization. If you are signed in, the language is determined by the language settings of your user profile.