What's new

The 11.1 release of ArcGIS Dashboards includes enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Highlights of the release are listed below.

List search

You can now enable search for your list elements. Enabling search adds a search field to your list and allows dashboard viewers to quickly find list items.


  • The follow feature action is now available when configuring dashboards. You can enable the follow feature action on elements configured to show features to cause a target map element to pan to and remain centered on a specific feature. If you previously configured the follow feature action in a dashboard last updated with ArcGIS Dashboards Classic, you must reconfigure the action in ArcGIS Dashboards.

  • Elements with categories based on grouped values, whose data source is based on an ArcGIS Online hosted feature layer, can now target maps with pan, zoom, and flash actions.

Data download

You can now enable data download for data-driven elements. You can choose to enable source data download to allow users to download a .csvfile that includes the source data of the element. For elements that display summarized data, such as serial charts, pie charts, and tables, you can also choose to enable summarized data download to allow users to download only the summarized data.

Dashboard reset

You can now allow dashboard viewers to reset the dashboard after interacting with it. Resetting the dashboard clears any selections made on elements, returns the map to its default extent, and sets tabs and features back to their first value.

Previous releases

To see what was added in previous releases, see Previous releases.