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Are public accounts supported?

Public accounts in ArcGIS Online that are not part of an organization cannot author or edit dashboards. ArcGIS Dashboards does, however, support viewing a dashboard that allows anonymous access after signing in with an ArcGIS Online public account. The app also supports anonymous access of dashboards that are shared with everyone.

What is the licensing of ArcGIS Dashboards?

ArcGIS Dashboards is available to members of ArcGIS Online organizations. For more information, see Licensing Terms of Use.

As an administrator, can I hide ArcGIS Dashboards for my organization?

Administrators can restrict access to ArcGIS Dashboards through their organization settings.

Is there accessibility information for ArcGIS Dashboards?

Esri recognizes the importance of adhering to accessibility guidelines and standards for all users of our products, including users with disabilities. An Accessibility Conformance Report for ArcGIS Dashboards is available that describes the conformance level for accessibility features.

ArcGIS Dashboards allows dashboard authors to set the accessible name for each element that is read with screen readers.

How can I provide feedback?

If you have feedback or inquiries, you can provide them on the Esri Community ArcGIS Dashboards community page. You can also send an email to dashboards@esri.com. If you are experiencing other issues, contact Esri Technical Support.

Do dashboards consume credits?

No, dashboard items do not consume credits.


Are dashboards supported in ArcGIS Enterprise?

ArcGIS Dashboards items are supported in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 and later.

Do dashboards have support for custom data visualizations and themes?

Dashboards do not support custom visualizations and themes. The embedded content element can be used to insert visualizations and content not supported out of the box. Many theme properties can be configured in the dashboard's theme settings.

Can I embed another app in a dashboard?

You can embed another app in a dashboard using the embedded content element.

Can I embed a dashboard in a web page?

You can embed a dashboard in an iFrame. It is recommended that you make your embedded dashboard as large as possible on the page to maximize usability.

Can I use subscriber and premium content, such as ArcGIS Living Atlas content, in a dashboard?

Yes. See Secured and subscriber content for details.

Can I use maps created in both Map Viewer and Map Viewer Classic in my dashboard?

Yes. Web maps can be used in your dashboard regardless of the Map Viewer version used to create them.


Does ArcGIS Dashboards support anonymous access to dashboards that are shared with everyone?

Dashboards that are shared with everyone can be viewed by anyone.

Can I view dashboards on a mobile device?

You can view dashboards on a mobile device. When you open a dashboard on a mobile device, if the dashboard author has created a mobile view, that view loads. Dashboards that do not have a mobile view configured will load the desktop view on mobile devices. Dashboard authors should take the time to create a mobile view for their dashboard so that they load optimally on mobile devices.

Dashboards cannot be authored or edited on a mobile device.

Can I view dashboards on a tablet?

You can view dashboards on a tablet. When you open a dashboard on a tablet, the dashboard's desktop view loads.

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