Share secured and subscriber content

Once assembled, a dashboard can be shared. You can share the dashboard publicly with everyone or share it with people in your organization. When you share a dashboard, there are some data source considerations to be made regarding secured or subscriber content.

Secured content

Dashboards can include data from ArcGIS Server web services. These services may be secured. If a service is secured, the dashboard prompts for credentials when the service is accessed. If the shared secure service has stored credentials, no prompt appears. In this case, the service item uses a proxy request to the service using the stored credentials.


You can use a proxy service request to enable access to subscriber content as an alternative to the workflow described below. In the case of premium subscriber content, consider limiting the use of the shared service items by rate limiting or by designating specific referrer URLs or IP addresses that can access the service.

Subscriber content

Dashboards can include data from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Much of the content in ArcGIS Living Atlas is available to the public with no restrictions. Other content, however, is not available publicly and requires a subscription to an ArcGIS organization. This content is referred to as subscriber content.

There are two types of subscriber content:

  • Subscriber content is the collection of layers published by Esri that requires an organizational subscription account to access. Subscriber content does not consume credits.
  • Premium content is a subtype of subscriber content. As with subscriber content, premium content requires an organizational subscription account to access. Premium content consumes credits.

When a dashboard referencing subscriber content is shared, the user experience can be affected. Users with an ArcGIS organizational account can access the content if they are authenticated by their organization when accessing the dashboard. When a dashboard referencing subscriber content is accessed anonymously, users are prompted to provide credentials. If a user does not have an ArcGIS organizational account, they cannot view the dashboard. As the dashboard's author, you can grant access to subscriber content using your account.

Allow access to subscriber content

To grant access to subscriber content, do the following:

  1. On the dashboard toolbar, click the Subscriber content button Subscriber content.

    The Subscriber content button is only in the toolbar when a dashboard is referencing subscriber content.

  2. On the Subscriber content dialog box, enable the toggle button for the content to which you want to grant access.
    Premium content consumes subscription credits.
  3. Optionally, specify the maximum number of requests allowed for a specific time interval to limit the use of content.
  4. Click Done.

When all subscriber content has been enabled in a dashboard, anonymous users are no longer prompted for credentials.