Use Know Your Zone

The Know Your Zone solution delivers a capability to identify an evacuation zone for a valid address and obtain current evacuation status information

In this workflow, you will assume the role of a resident in Baltimore that would like to know in which evacuation zone your located.

Find your zone

Know Your Zone can be used by the public to locate an address or place and obtain information about the evacuation zone and current evacuation status of that location. Search for an address in the search bar or click a location directly on the map to define the location to be searched.

  1. In a browser, open the Know Your Zone app.
  2. Enter 251 E Pleasant St, Baltimore, MD, 21202 in the address search box.

    The result will be displayed below the search window indicating which evacuation zone the address is located.


    If you entered an address that was not located within an evacuation zone the resulting No Zone message indicates that address is not within a designated evacuation zone .

  3. Use your mouse cursor to click on a point anywhere on the map that is Red.

    The results will be displayed indicating the location is in Zone A.

  4. Close the Know Your Zone app.

When a storm is approaching and evacuation orders are implemented, Know Your Zone can be configured to inform users of the current evacuation status of each zone. See the Know Your Zone topic to learn more.

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