Introduction to Land Use Outreach

Land Use Outreach can be used to share development regulations, construction activity, and solicit feedback on current land cases from the public.

It provides 24/7 access to an organization and streamlines the development process. The inclusive approach increases public trust reduces the need to attend meetings in person, and helps government agencies harness feedback from the public to make better decisions about development in the community. Land Use Outreach is typically implemented by planning departments, public work agencies and other local government agencies that want to increase transparency and encourage public participation.

The Land Use Outreach solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you share land use, zoning and other (for example, floodplain) regulations, generate awareness about permitted construction activity and engage the public when new developments are proposed.

Deploy now

This ArcGIS Solution can be deployed in your ArcGIS organization.

Deploy now

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Land Use Outreach requires the following:

  • ArcGIS Online

Information products

Land Use Outreach includes the following information products:

ItemDescriptionMinimum user type

Land Use Inquiry

An ArcGIS Web AppBuilder app used by the general public, developers, and real estate professionals to identify land use and zoning designations that impact the use of land

Not required

Floodplain Inquiry

An ArcGIS Web AppBuilder app used by the general public, land development companies, and real estate professionals to locate parcels impacted by FEMA floodplain boundaries

Not required

Construction Activity Tracker

An ArcGIS Web AppBuilder app used by the general public to track individual building permits and general construction activity

Not required

Public Comment

A Crowdsource Polling app used by the general public and other interested parties to review land use cases or capital projects and submit feedback on a given case or project

Not required

When you deploy this solution in your ArcGIS organization, you also get an ArcGIS Solution item that organizes the key information products and summarizes all the ArcGIS items (applications, forms, projects, maps, feature layers, feature layer views, and so on) included with the solution. The ArcGIS Solution item also illustrates any dependencies items have on each other.

Release notes

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  • First release of Land Use Outreach