Share hosted feature layers

In a collaboration, you can share hosted feature layers and other feature layer data as copies.

The following sections summarize how to publish and prepare a hosted feature layer so you can share it as a copy in a collaboration.

Publish a hosted feature layer

First, publish the hosted feature layer you want to share in a collaboration. You can publish from an ArcGIS Pro map, ArcMap document, or files in ArcGIS Online. See Publish hosted feature layers for instructions.

Enable sync on the hosted feature layer

To share hosted feature layers as copies, they must have sync enabled. To support one-way sharing of edits, from the owner to the recipient, the hosted feature layer must have the sync capability enabled.

If you publish the hosted feature layer from ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap, you can enable the sync capability as part of the publishing process. If you didn't enable sync when you published, or you published from a file in your ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online organization, enable sync from the Settings tab of the hosted feature layer's item page.