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Create a site

To create a site, complete the following steps:

  1. Browse to the administrative application.
  2. On the Sites page, choose Create new site.

    The Site Builder opens.

  3. The first page you see, Site Configuration, establishes the foundation for your site. After this page, more tabs appear that guide you through the entire set up process. The tabs in the Site Builder make up your workspace for configuring, customizing, and managing the site.
  4. Complete the basic information on Site Configuration tab to set up the site name, description, URL, and to make your site publicly accessible. You can also set the map extent for the preview map on your site and change the basemap. Click Next and more tabs will appear.
  5. Determine which features appear on your site on the Capabilities tab.
  6. Populate the site with data by choosing groups from the Groups Manager tab.
  7. Add subpages to your site on the Pages tab. (These are different pages from your site home page).
  8. Click the Site Editor tab to design the header and footer of your site as well as the home page.
  9. Once the site has been configured, click View Site at any time to view your changes.
  10. To exit the Site Builder and return to the Sites page, click the Sites tab.

When you create an Hub site, an item is created in your ArcGIS Online Content page.

Your site and this item are linked. It is critical that the item in ArcGIS Online is not deleted-- if it is deleted, the site will be deleted. The site item is automatically shared with the Hub Administration Group so your website team can edit the site within the Hub administrative app.