Manage and monitor compute and storage

As an organization administrator, you can view the processing (compute) and storage utilization of the ArcGIS Velocity subscription directly in the ArcGIS Velocity application. Overall processing/compute and storage consumption are summarized on the Home page and detailed information is available on the Feeds and Analytics page (the Compute Utilization page for the Dedicated subscription) and the Storage Utilization page.

Utilization dashboard

For organization administrators, the Home page of the Velocity application displays a dashboard reporting the subscription utilization. For the Standard and Advanced license levels, this is percentage of running feeds and analytics (out of the maximum allowed) and the percentage storage utilization. For the Dedicated license, this is the percentage compute and storage utilized.

Home page subscription utilization

The compute and storage gauges will appear green if the percentages are under the alerting thresholds and in shades of orange and red as the percent utilized approaches 100%.

For storage, administrators will receive an alert if storage utilization exceeds 50%. For the Advanced and Dedicated license levels, if the percent of utilized storage exceeds 70%, additional storage is automatically added to the subscription.

For compute capacity in the Dedicated subscription, administrators will receive an alert if utilization exceeds 75%. If the percent compute utilization exceeds 90%, users may begin to receive error messages when starting new feeds or analytics if there is insufficient capacity to run that feed or analytic.

Subscription utilization over time is displayed in the time series chart. This can be used to understand the rate of increase for the number of running items (compute) or storage consumption. The time series information can be displayed over the last hour, the last 24 hours, the last week, or the last month. You can use the Auto-Refresh toggle if you are actively starting and stopping feeds and analytics to see the immediate impacts.

Running items (compute) utilization

The Feeds and Analytics page provides additional information on the feeds and analytics that are actively running. Each item's title links to the details page for that item in the Velocity application.

For the Dedicated subscription, this is the Compute Utilization page. Compute usage is broken down between feeds, real-time analytics, and big data analytics. The percent compute utilized along with the user ID of the item owner is reported for each item in the Task details chart. By default, the items are sorted in descending order by compute usage.

Storage utilization

The Storage Utilization page provides additional information on the storage consumed by different feature layers, in the By features chart. Specifically, this chart displays the percent storage each layer is consuming out of the total storage utilized by all feature layers. These percentages will always add up to 100 and allow you to understand the relative size of feature layers compared to each other. By default, the layers are sorted descending by feature layer storage usage. Each item is listed with the user ID of the owner of that feature layer item and each item's title links to the ArcGIS Online details page for that item.

For the Dedicated subscription, this page also provides additional information on how much of the available storage is being used across different system components in Velocity. Storage is consumed by the following primary components:

  • Logs
  • Metrics
  • Message Buffer
  • System
  • Features


Organization administrators can use the information provided on the Feeds and Analytics (or Compute Utilization) pages and Storage Utilization pages to review the running feeds and analytics as well as the relative size of different feature layers that are consuming available storage. Additionally, this information can be used to coordinate with users on the necessity or status of various items if subscription capacity needs to be freed up to accommodate other use cases across the organization. For details on compute and storage capacity in a Velocity subscription, see Compute and storage capacity.

For more information on ArcGIS Velocity license levels, see Licensing.