Verizon Connect Reveal

The Verizon Connect Reveal feed type in ArcGIS Velocity creates a built-in HTTP endpoint that can be used to receive GPS Push Service messages from Verizon Connect Reveal. For details on Verizon Connect Reveal and the GPS Push Service, see GPS Push Service in the Verizon documentation.


  • A shipping company uses Verizon Connect Reveal to track their fleet of vehicles. They collect the GPS Push Service data into Velocity to maintain real-time situational awareness about their vehicles and driver behavior.
  • A public works department uses Verizon Connect Reveal to track the vehicles that belong to the department. They store this information and run a big data analytic at the end of each week to generate a report that shows the vehicles that need maintenance based on odometer readings.

Usage notes

  • When a Verizon Connect Reveal feed is started for the first time in ArcGIS Velocity, you must check the feed logs in another browser tab to confirm the subscription by navigating to the Subscribe URL included in the feed log message. This is a requirement from Verizon Connect Reveal to ensure the subscription is valid.
  • The Verizon Connect Reveal feed only processes events with the GPS Push Service schema defined by Verizon.
  • The Verizon Connect Reveal feed supports configuring key fields, removing unwanted fields, and adjusting field names. Changing data types or adding new fields is not supported because the GPS Push Service schema required by Verizon cannot be modified.
  • Once the feed is created, the URL in the HTTP Endpoint Path parameter is available on the feed details page. This is the URL to use for data that is pushed from Verizon Connect Reveal.
  • After configuring feed connection parameters, see Configure input data to learn how to define the schema and the key parameters.
  • The Verizon Connect Reveal datetime information is stored in the updateUTC field as a string. When configuring your Verizon Connect Reveal feed, on the Identify Key Fields page, the updateUTC field should be set as the Start Time, with a date format of Other (string) and a date formatting string of yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'.


ParameterDescriptionData type

HTTP Endpoint Path

The full URL that Verizon Connect Reveal will use to send GPS Push Service messages.

This parameter is generated and populated by Velocity after the feed is published.



The username used to secure the HTTP endpoint created by the feed.



The password used to secure the HTTP endpoint created by the feed.


Considerations and limitations

  • Verizon Customer Support uses the username and password, along with the HTTP endpoint URL, to push data to the feed. If the username or password is lost, you must create new credentials and provided them to Verizon Customer Support.